Outer Banks Guided Swan Hunting

Tundra Swan Hunting in the Outer Banks, NC

What We Hunt

Each year, thousands of Tundra Swans migrate south for the winter. This gives us in the Outer Banks of North Carolina a unique hunting opportunity. Tundra Swan hunting permits are limited each year, so applying for your permit at the beginning of summer. for more information, visit our pricing page

Tundra Swan Permits

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission issues approximately 5,000 permits each year to people looking to hunt Tundra Swan. Applications are accepted in the summer, usually July 1 for the upcoming season. The deadline for these applications is generally October 1.

What to Bring

Much like with our duck hunting services, Tundra Swan hunting takes place in the winter, so heavy camo coats, gloves, and hats are all required. You will also need to bring a 12 gauge shotgun and non-toxic shot shells to protect the wildlife from becoming contaminated with used shot. To expedite hunting, bring completed hunting waivers for all in your party.

What Makes Us Different

As Tundra Swan permits are limited each year in North Carolina, the chance to go swan hunting is special. However, we try to make your experience even better by providing breakfast and expert knowledge of the area to all our guests, ensuring you will have a hunting experience to remember

Let’s Go Swan Hunting!

In order to go swan hunting, you will need to apply for a Tundra Swan Hunting Permit. Once you have acquired your permit, we will work with you to plan your hunting trip. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly and we can walk you through the swan permitting process.

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