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Blue Catfish

Noodles, jugs, floats, hook and line

Great fish with no size or bag limit. These are considered an invasive species so come help do your part and take them home for eating. Good numbers and great fighters on light tackle. Average size 3-20lbs with some reaching 50lbs.

Experience a new style of fishing using jugs, noodles, or floats. We lay out these floats with the bate and drift and then they bite and we bring them in.


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Speckled Trout

Good fighting and fun to catch. Quite common that we’ll catch good numbers of them. Although some days maybe a few, other days a few dozen. Good table fare. Catch top water, top water bates, top water surface fishing. Popping plugs, using jigs, or tossing soft plastics.


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Croakers, Inshore bottom Fish

What We Provide

Croaker, black drum, spot. Found around bridge pilings. Good alternative if other fish aren’t biting. Kids love this type of fishing.


Red Drum

Pamlico Sound

Red drum are a hard fish. They are pool bending, dragging, and a running fish. Great catch on light tackle. Great tasting table fare. Excellent grilled or blackened. Hardier than trout and a thicker fillet.

Best fishing from May through October. Sight fishing with limit of one per person.

Big red drum, July-October. All big red drum are catch and release.


Blue Catfish | Outer Banks Inshore Light Tackle Fishing | Nags Head | Manteo | Manns Harbor

Seasonal during September. Otherwise simple catch and realize. This is always up to be changed. Hard fishing but for a specialized person this can be fun. Good table fare. Captain will know where to take the charter with knowing the layout of the sound.

Inquire about the special flounder season.


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Gray Trout


More of a jigging fish in deeper water.

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